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Meet the SlicerSlicer

A smart contract designed to distribute any ETH it receives to its owners, proportionally to their owned slices 🍰slices 🍰

The cool thing about slicers is they can be used to represent any entity, project or digital asset. They collect payments and split them among all their owners.

Hold Slices 🍰, Earn ΞEarn Ξ

Slices are Semi-Fungible TokensSemi-Fungible Tokens (fractionalized NFTs) that represent ownership of a slicer, including the right to redeem any due ETH. Think of them as the royalties of a slicer.

They're ERC1155 tokens so you're free to transfer or sell them however you prefer (even on Opensea), and the slicer will always give you any ETH you earned.

DecentralizedDecentralized stores

In addition to all its features, slicers can sell productsproducts from their main page. Think of them like decentralized online stores that can sell anything.

The best part is that this is all decentralized, and product data are encrypted so that only those who buy them can see their content.

NFTs with real valuereal value

The ETH income generated by slicers is public, making slices the first tradable tokens with an objective value.

This opens up to many exciting use cases, with slicers acting as an independent, decentralized payments infrastructure and counterpart to real-world applications.


Get inspired on how to make the most of slicers and the product store feature

Contribute to the DAOContribute to the DAO

If you're excited about what we're building, consider supporting Slice by funding the DAO treasury on Juicebox.

In exchange for your contribution you'll receive SLX governance tokens. The sooner you do it, the more tokens you'll receive.

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Check out this post for more info, and if you have questions just reach out on Discord


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