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Based Merch

Merch Store

Based Merch

Online and IRL Base merchandising

Base Cafe


Base Cafe

Temporary cafe in Miami for Art Basel

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We reimagined the purchase process to make it seamless and instant. No more sign ups and tedious payment details.

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Simple. Efficient. Secure. Limitless.

Slice uses blockchain technology to provide unparalleled security for every purchase, several perks and unlimited flexibility.

Embrace the power of decentralization. Experience true ownership and control over your business. For free.

Smart paymentsSmart payments

Get over the limits of traditional payments.

Revenue splitting, instant settlement, multi-currency prices, advanced discounts, token-gating, NFT minting, custom actions on Ethereum, and more.

You have full control of your store, so you can make anything happen when products are purchased. Transparent and trustless.

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