Buy and sell anything fully onchain

Sell items, mint NFTs, split payments and more from your decentralized store, and allow buyers to purchase in ETH or USDC directly from their wallet.

Meet the SlicerMeet the Slicer

A smart contract that distributes any payment it receives to its owners, proportionally to their owned slices 🍰slices 🍰

Each slicer also provides a decentralized storefront from where owners can sell anything, enabling trustless commerce at the blockchain layer.

Split payments, dynamicallySplit payments, dynamically

Slices are ERC1155 Semi-Fungible TokensSemi-Fungible Tokens which represent ownership over a slicer and its earnings. Much like tradable royaltiestradable royalties.

Owners can transfer or sell slices, even on NFT marketplaces, and future payments will be split based on the new slice distribution.

Sell anything, onchainSell anything, onchain

Each slicer comes with a decentralized store that can sell anything and accept any currency.

NFTs, event tickets, physical and digital items, merch, services, allowlisted drops, or interact with other protocols. Fully onchain.

Start selling now


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